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Survival game

A fun way to compete in a group, or just to have fun together. The activity is suited for all ages and sizes. You will learn new things about nature and surviving in the wilderness, while completing a series of tasks. The game presents challenges in nature survival, which are designed to playfully test your abilities and skills. At the end, the guide will teach you the best tips and practices for finding food, staying safe for the night and giving first aid out in the wilderness. Duration 2h.

For this journey you will need to pack a humorous and open mind and good comfortable clothing. Raincoats are available if needed.

Max. 15 persons/guide. It is possible to add extra groups if requested in advance.

Snacks/beverages/food can also be ordered and combined to the program. Snacks and soup are made and served by an open fire.

The operator has a liability insurance, but please ensure your accident insurance is valid.

In case of force major, the operator has the opportunity to cancel, or discontinue the happening for safety reasons. Like2Hike does not reimburse the cost in case of self-inflicted accidents.

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