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Orienteering on your style

The guide will introduce you to the wonders of orienteering in a simple yet interesting way. Together we will learn how to read the marks of the map and how to use a compass. Actually it’s not difficult at all. And to those, who already have some orienteering skills, we can put them to test in a fun way. Apart from improving your skills, you will get to experience beautiful Finnish nature while learning. You never know when your orienteering skills may come in handy!

The whole trip will take about 2 hours. For this journey you need to bring an open mind, good hiking-/running shoes and -clothes. Raincoats are available if needed.

Max. 20 persons/guide. It is possible to add extra groups if requested in advance.

Snacks/beverages/food can also be ordered and combined to the program. Snacks and soup are made and served by an open fire.

The operator has a liability insurance, but please ensure your accident insurance is valid.

In case of force major, the operator has the opportunity to cancel, or discontinue the happening for safety reasons. Like2Hike does not reimburse the cost in case of self-inflicted accidents

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